Michelle was first introduced to NET/Carcinoid Cancer in December 2007 when her Mom was diagnosed. Michelle quickly realized she needed to become an advocate for her mom by learning as much as possible about NETs. However, after countless hours of research she was still left with many unanswered questions. Thankfully, she lives in the New Orleans Metro area and had access to the country’s top NET Specialists. She was given NCAN’s information and she reached out to Maryann Wahmann who provided her with a lot of helpful information and answered many of her questions.

Michelle and her mom then attended their first National NET Conference where they discovered just how big of an impact NCAN had on the entire NET community. Michelle knew then that she wanted be a part of NCAN’s mission to help other patients and caregivers. She honors her mom’s memory by doing all she can to bring awareness, education, and hopefully a cure to this rare disease.