Surprised to receive a NETs Cancer and Chronic Kidney Disease diagnosis on the same day in 2016, Anne was immediately motivated into advocacy for her new health issues. A timely meeting with a 17-year NETs survivor the following month challenged Anne to adopt a “ Living with NETs Cancer, Not dying from it” mindset. So far it is working! In the two years since her tumor debulking surgery, she has moved her family cross country, travelled overseas twice, and welcomed their first two grandchildren.

Once settled back into her native East Tennessee environment, Anne managed to fulfill a promise made to herself and her first NETs friend to pay it forward by helping others acclimate to living with NETS.
In March 2018, Anne, Paula Hurt, and NCAN joined efforts to start a TN support group. In planning for her future, Anne intends to continue educational opportunities about Net Cancer, expand the programs and enrollment of the TN Support Group, love on her granddaughters as much as possible, and to live her best day ever…every day.