“If Everyone Is
Moving Forward
Then Success
Takes Care Of



Maryann Wahmann

One of the founders of NCAN, Maryann is the organization’s Executive Director, as well as the face of NCAN.

Patrice Melluso, CMP, HMCC

Patrice began her career more than 20 year ago in the hospitality industry and has since worked in various areas, but seemed to excel in conference planning.

Diane Zack

Diane is an award-winning art director who brings her talents to NCAN after working for major ad agencies.

Vince De Mare

Vince is a multi-talented Creative Director/Designer with 30+ years of experience in Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing and Web Design. Over the years, Vince has serviced a diverse gamut of successful…

Mike Wahmann

Mike has been part of the NET world for as long as he can remember and understands this rare disease better than most.