“To Give
Real Service,
You Must
Add Something
Which Cannot
Be Bought
Or Measured
With Money,
and That Is
& Integrity.”


How to Appeal Health Insurance Company Denials.

By Tom Wilson, Leader, WI NCAN Support Group.

This presentation is a guide to help patients overcome health insurance denials. You will learn the tricks insurers use to bamboozle you into not paying for the care you deserve. Insurers deny, delay and then defend against paying claims. The best way for them to make money is to impede the care of people who are sick with high-end, expensive illnesses, like neuroendocrine cancer. This holds true for all private insurance, including all Medicare Advantage plans which are not part of Medicare or the federal government’s health care system. The advertising for Medicare Advantage plans is entirely misleading. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself!