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Four Tips for NETs Spring Cleaning.

May 1, 2022

By Anne Dabbs, 
NCAN TN Chapter Leader, NET Patient

Physicians and psychologists tell us that a cluttered mind and a cluttered life can be detrimental for those living with a chronic illness. On a daily basis, Neuroendocrine Cancer takes up so much mental and physical space that life can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s do all we can to streamline those actions and thoughts which can distract us from a good quality of life.


1) NOW is the time to give yourself an assessment of how well you are living with your Neuroendocrine Cancer.
Winter is hopefully behind us. Spring time is always a season of growth and new beginnings. Take a few moments to look back along your NETs journey and mentally shelve the bad experiences in order to focus on those experiences which will continue to lead you forward.


Clear out your Neuroendocrine notebooks and files. Consolidate reports and shred duplicates. Compile a list of missing files to request from medical records departments. Join your physicians’ patient portals to utilize for record keeping and effective communication. Clean out your medicine cabinet and pill boxes. Verify expiration dates and make note of renewal dates for your medications. Properly dispose of expired medications and replenish your OTC medicines and supplies. Update your first aid kit.


Update your physicians’ contact information and medication lists. (Find Helpful Forms HERE) Schedule your annual appointments for the dentist, optometrist, primary care, and all other “routine” doctor visits. Schedule preventative health appointments, making sure you are current on shots and vaccinations. Request referrals for those health issues which have been overshadowed by your oncology obligations.


Be realistic in setting goals for diet selections and exercise ambitions. Acknowledge long term goals such as drafting a will; a Living Will; a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Being proactive in these matters early insures less future stress. Focus on what you can do to enhance your life. Join a book club, renew friendships, learn a new language, or plan a trip. Make time for fun. Let go of what you expected your life to be like right now and focus instead all that is good. Write down that which grieves you; then let it go to make room in your life and in your mind for the positive that will build you up.

And always remember that we, at NCAN, are here to help you live your best life with your Neuroendocrine Cancer. We have educational and support opportunities in place to offer assistance whenever you might need. Reach out if you need us.

Find out more about how YOU can help the NET Community.


Disclaimer: NCAN blog posts are the opinions of its writers and are not intended as a replacement for medical advice. Please consult your Heath Care Providers for individual concerns.


  1. REPLY
    Margaret says

    Yes! Taking good care of yourself on this NET journey is a gift you can give yourself. Diagnosed in 2013, surgeries in ’13, ’17, PRRT in ’19 . See my Blazin’ Zebraz details . . .
    I’m running in the NYC marathon
    to raise money for
    please consider sponsoring my run

  2. REPLY
    Anne says

    Thank you Alysia for giving me the encouragement! See you soon, I hope!

  3. REPLY
    Linda says

    Thank you. Much appreciated direction. So now we will begin our spring cleaning.

    • REPLY
      Anne says

      Good to know you found some take away ides! Thank you for reading!

  4. REPLY
    Cindy Carroll says

    Thanks for the information. There’s a few things I haven’t done. Putting them off is not a good idea.

    • REPLY
      Anne says

      I am happy you found something to put on your to-do list! Being prepared takes a lot of pressure off of us, I think. Thank you for commenting!

  5. REPLY
    Alysia Christensen says

    Thanks Anne for this wonderful information and links to resources! You’re so sweet to help everyone touched by this cancer!

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