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Prayers, Not Politics.

October 11, 2019

by Ms. Anne Dabbs

Our NETS community was once again in the national news as the obituary of Ms. Raine Riggs was reported earlier this week.

We at NCAN want to extend our sincere condolences to her family and friends at this sorrowful time. To read Ms Riggs obituary, we are introduced to a young woman who lived her life in service for others. In addition to her myriad of philanthropic endeavors, Ms Riggs’ obituary notice in the “Newsweek”  publication contains more astonishing reporting…a basic and accurate description of Neuroendocrine Cancer which is listed as her cause of death.

Heartbreakingly, the article states that she began feeling severely ill only 3 weeks before being diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Cancer and then dying a mere two days later. Specific details beyond these facts are pure speculation for our NETS community and are most likely too raw for her family to publish at this point. Our community members have been rocked to our core once again, coming to grips with our personal experiences with this bizarre disease. It is a challenge for us to not grasp for more information, and to once again be frustrated by limited details.

As we grieve with the Riggs/Sanders family, we can be comforted by the fact that Ms Riggs’ cause of death was correctly identified as Neuroendocrine Cancer. And in true philanthropic fashion, that is her gift to our community.

Accepting the diagnosis of a rare and incurable cancer is challenging. Talking about it in casual conversation is awkward. Sharing it with the world is admirable. If you are able to share your NETS story in a larger forum, please do so. If you are able to share NETS educational opportunities, please act accordingly. If you are unable to share openly about our disease, please establish a relationship with a NETS organization whose mission is for increased research, education, and advocacy. In honor and recognition of her generous heart and service to those often overlooked, let us be motivated to bring her attitude to our endeavors for increased awareness and additional education.


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Disclaimer: NCAN blog posts are the opinions of its writers and are not intended as a replacement for medical advice. Please consult your Heath Care Providers for individual concerns.


  1. REPLY
    Jean Cravens says

    Nets is more in the news and I am glad,as I had nets and like many others I had never heard of it.I hope more and more people will come to learn about this cancer and how long a person can have it before any symptoms show up.

    • REPLY
      Bob says

      Yes, it is good to see that NETs is becoming more recognized. NCAN strives every day to make more people aware of neuroendocrine cancer, and to help patients and caregivers better self advocates. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

  2. REPLY
    Melinda Veirs says

    My heart was saddened at this news Yesterday was my husband’s 3 month anniversary of his death. It seems like a lifetime. My husband was diagnosed in January and he died in July. We came home from UK Markey to a Hospice bed and less than 24 hours I got in bed and held tight. He was in no pain as he laid down on my head and died within 5 minutes. I hope this story does not cause pain to it’s readers. Fight your battle as I send love to each of you.

    • REPLY
      Diane says

      Do very sorry for your loss?sending love and prayers your way and all fighting big battles

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